Professional Ethics

Code of Conduct SACA Code of Professional Ethics

To join SACA is to commit to act in accordance with its core values and to encourage the development and implementation of the ethical standards within the administrative profession and all industries represented by its members.

The code of conduct embodies the aspirational core values of SACA. The core values describe the conduct that individuals strive to uphold as SACA member. Although adherence to these core values is not easily measured, conducting ourselves in accordance with these standards is an expectation that members have of themselves as professionals.

Among the core values with which this code of conduct aligns are those of Integrity, Transparency, Excellence and Collaboration.

Professional Designation Advantage

Professional designation title is a distinction that sets you apart from others. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers, customers, and co-workers that you are committed to the profession. If you enjoy your job and are good at what you do, why not back that up with the SACA administrator’s professional designation titles?

Apply for the SACA Professional Designation today and excel in your career!

Here is what the SACA professional designation can do for you:

• Improve your professional qualifications
• Build invaluable personal and professional confidence
• Open new doors in the job market
• Advance your career to the next level
• Allow you to become the “go-to” resource in your office
• Give you the potential to earn a higher salary, receive a promotion or a bonus

The SACA Professional Designations is a professional registration certificate geared toward office and administrative professionals. It is the only recognized professional certification in the administrative profession that encompasses all areas of an office environment.